Sultan of Strong

Revitalize Your Vigor: A Tailored Program for Seasoned Men

Embark on a 16-Week Journey to Shed 10-15 Pounds and Elevate Your Strength for a Revitalized Sex Life

The Secret

Signature Fat Loss Mechanism

Lose 10-15 pounds and awaken your inner beast in the bedroom. Our approach combines the power of kettlebell workouts, efficient aerobic routines, and specialized mobility exercises. This isn't just about weight loss; it's about sculpting a stronger, more resilient, and energetic you.

You’re In The Right Place

Bring Change to Your Life

Not getting laid regularly?

Boost your appeal and command respect from your partner by becoming a stronger, more irresistible version of yourself.

Lack of recognition and respect?

Earn the respect of yourself and others by communicating who you are with how you look on the outside. Become a true well-rounded man.

Have you ever fully unleashed your natural competitive streak?

Experience the thrill and satisfaction of tapping into your natural competitive drive as you achieve your peak physical form.

What To Expect

Transform Your Life

Signature Fat Loss Mechanism

Strengthen your f*ck muscles along with your whole body and turn into a fat burning monster

Effective and efficient training

Spend the least amount of time necessary to make sure you achieve your ideal life

Flexible Personalized Training Routine

Receive a plan that’s specific to your individual challenges, goals, and time schedule

Fast Actionable Feedback

I guide you every step of the way by making sure you’re doing the right things precisely

“Through Ian's programming, coaching, and training, it's been critical for transforming my approach to strength and fitness training. I've been able to progress to a 32 kg two-handed kettlebell swing and a two rep max on Turkish getups with the same weight. Most importantly, I remain injury-free and have fully rehabilitated a shoulder injury. This program is super flexible, efficient, and promotes health without inducing injuries. It's a lifetime change for me, and I think it could be the same for you.“

Steve B.

Neuro Surgeon

Power. Performance. Lifestyle. Power. Performance. Lifestyle. Power. Performance. Lifestyle. Power. Performance. Lifestyle.
Performance. Power. Lifestyle. Performance. Power. Lifestyle. Power. Lifestyle. Performance.

Ian Clardy

Sultan of Strong

Drawing from my extensive experience of winning numerous conference championships, competing for national titles, and coaching athletes who have reached professional and Olympic levels, I'm now dedicating this wealth of knowledge to your success.

Guaranteed Results

Training that is purely based on facts and the things that actually work

Injury Free Approach

This program helps improve and prevent joint and muscle injuries

Motivated Community

Gain access to a like minded community of men who keeps you motivated and accountable

The Steps

How This Works

Step 1 : Initial Phone Call

Schedule a complimentary discovery call to determine if we're a good fit and to discuss your specific goals and challenges.

Step 2 : Your Personal Program

We develop a personalized training plan tailored to your unique objectives and lifestyle.

Step 3 : Keeping You Accountable

We provide ongoing support and accountability to keep you on track and motivated towards achieving your goals.

The Results

Hear From My Clients

Let's Get Started
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